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Mornington Peninsula Group of the Theosophical Society

The Theosophical Society in Australia

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Location: Mount Eliza Neighbourhood House, Canadian Bay Road, Mt. Eliza, Victoria, Australia, 3930

Meetings: 1st Sunday of each month 12.00MD to 4.00PM

Consisting of: Meditation;   Lunch;   Presentation 1.30PM

Coordinator: Alice Opper

Telephone: 0439 563 313 (daytime), (03) 5976 3815 (AH. Or leave a message)

Library: Our Group has a small Library of Theosophical and other spiritual books, which can be borrowed monthly.

Meetings Program 2017
Date Presenter Details
January No Meeting
Sunday 5th February Daphne Standish A Presentation of Higher Powers.
Sunday 5th March Charles Reither The Seven Rays: Which is yours?
Sunday 2nd April Wendy Gold Teachings of Ramtha: How To Love Yourself.
Sunday 7th May Georgina Fode On the Path of Occultism Georgina Fode Presentation
Sunday 4th June Linda Oliveira
National President of the TS
Kali Yuga: The Rise and Fall of Narcissism Linda Oliveira Presentation
Sunday 2nd July Beth Warren My experience meeting with St. John of God in Brazil

The Theosophical Society Motto: "There is no religion higher than Truth"

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