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Below are links with site-sources to the text of some Pamphlet Series.

Other entries refer to Pamphlets available in the Campbell Library Collection (although a complete set is not held in all cases)

Where a Pamphlet Series is specifically indexed in the Union Index of Theosophical Periodicals a direct link to the relevant Index within that is also provided.

The Library has a large number of individual pamphlets covering the theosophical movement, or individuals concerned with the movement, from early days to the present.

There is a range of subjects and authors. Examples are listed below in Selected Pamphlets.


Pamphlet Series

Advance! Australia Pamphlets, 1926-1929 — Index

Adyar Pamphlets, 1-212, 1911-36 — Index

Adyar Pamphlets, New Series, 1998-now, 1-now — Index

Adyar Popular Lectures, 1908-15 — Index

Ahmedabad Lodge Centenary Pamphlets, 1974-77, 1-9

Ahmedabad Lodge Pamphlets, 1975-83, 1-3

Articles by HP Blavatsky (ULT) Pamphlets, 1-37 — Index

Articles by William Q Judge (ULT Pamphlets), 1-31 — Index

Blavatsky Lectures, 1918-2001, — Index

Blavatsky Lectures, 2001-03, Blavatsky Trust — Index

Blavatsky Pamphlets, issued by HPB Library, 1-10, — Index

Oriental Department Papers — American Section TS, 1891-97, 2nd and 3rd series, ULT Phoenix AZ — Index

Oriental Department Papers — European Section TS, 1891-94, — Index

Theosophical History Centre Publications, 1985-88 — Index

Theosophical Manuals, 1-7: Besant and Leadbeater Series (Adyar), — Index

Theosophical Manuals (Introductory), 1-15: G. de Purucker Series, Theosophical University Press Online — Index

Theosophical Manuals (7), Katherine Tingley Series, Theosophy Northwest — Index

Theosophical Research Centre Transactions, 1931-68 — Index

Theosophical Siftings, Volumes 1-7, 1888-1895, Theosophical Publishing Society, — Index

Theosophical Study Paper, 2002-now — Index

ULT Pamphlets (Bombay India), 1930-38 — Index


Selected Pamphlets

The Fruits of Philosophy: “Besant-Bradlaugh — Prosecuted Work — Young Married People‘s Companion — Advocating Limitation of Offspring”. Marked ‘For Private Reading‘. Australian Edition, no date, with a preface by Bradlaugh under ‘2nd New Edition’ (originally published 1877), 55 pages

The Internment of Mrs. Annie Besant: Extracts from the English and Indian Press that dealt with the matter, Canada Indian League, 1917, 32 pages

J. Krishnamurti — Some Impressions by K. S. Chandrasekhara Aiyar (retired Chief Judge of Mysore, India) The Star Publishing Trust, no date, 22 pages;

Theosophy is the Next Step: Fifteen different titles showing new directions in human welfare, e.g.: In Internationalism; In Nationalism; The Approach of Eastern and Western Psychology; For Those Who Love. Theosophical Society Publicity Dept., probably late 1940s or early 1950s, between 12 and 22 pages

An Evolutionary Interpretation of “Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs” by William Henderson, The Theosophical Society in Ireland, 1939, 16 pages

Various pamphlets by Geoffrey Hodson, e.g.:

Clairvoyant Research and the Life After Death, T.P.H. London, 1935, 30 pages;

An Animals’ Bill of Rights, Council of Combined Animal Welfare Org. of N. Z., 1952, 4 pages. Hodson was then President of the Council.

The Humanitarian Cause — Its Extreme Urgency, The Theosophical Order of Service, N. Z., no date, 8 pages.


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Biography Blavatsky Book Reviews Consciousness Indology Pamphlets Periodicals

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