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N. Sri Ram - see: Sri Ram

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi


The Mountain Path, 1964+, (partial serial archives) Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi Website

Josephine Ransom

The Occult Teachings of the Christ - According to the Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky Lecture, 1933, Adyar Pamphlets No. 179, Canadian Theosophical Association [pdf file]

Racial Problems in South Africa, 1932, Theosophist, Adyar Pamphlets No. 165, Canadian Theosophical Association [pdf file]

Sidney Ransom

The Ethics of The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky Lecture 1935, Canadian Theosophical Association

T. Subba Rao - see: Row

N. Ravi

The Theosophical Society, 2005, Theosophical Society in Australia

Ravi Ravindra

The Mill and the Mill-Pond: A Twenty-year Conversation with J. Krishnamurti, extract from "Krishnamurti: Two Birds on One Tree", by R. Ravindra, 1995, Katinka Hesselink Net

David Reigle

Articles by David Reigle and other authors, Eastern Tradition Research Institute

The Book of Dzyan Research Reports, 1999, Blavatsky Study Center

A Compilation on the First Fundamental proposition of the Secret Doctrine: The One Reality, Eastern Tradition [pdf file]

Theosophy and Buddhism, 2000, Fohat, Blavatsky Study Center

Nancy Reigle

The Voice of the Silence: Bringing the Heart Doctrine to the West, 1998/99, Eastern Tradition [pdf file]

Ali Ritsema

L.W. Rogers

Do the Masters Guide Us? 1942, American Theosophist, Theosophical Society in America [pdf file]

Does the Personality Survive? 1950, American Theosophist, Theosophical Society in America [pdf file]

Elementary Theosophy, Third Edition, 1929, Canadian Theosophical Association [pdf file]

Hints to Young Students of Occultism, 1911, Canadian Theosophical Association [pdf file]

A World in Distress: The Remedies as Seen by the Theosophist, by C. Jinarajadasa, C.W. Leadbeater and L.W. Rogers, Adyar Pamphlets No. 172, Canadian Theosophical Association [pdf file]

Andrew Rooke

History of the Theosophical Society (Pasadena) in Australia, Theosophy Downunder Library

History of the Theosophical Society (Pasadena): Profiles of Its Leaders, Theosophy Downunder Library

Lydia Ross

The Doctrine of Cycles, The Theosophical University Press Online Edition

Will Ross

T. Subba Row (or Rao)

(Comments) On The Idyll of the White Lotus, Theosophist, 1886/1911/1919, Adyar Pamphlets No. 8, Canadian Theosophical Association [pdf file]

Notes on the Bhagavad Gita, 1934/1978, The Theosophical University Press Online Edition

On The Bhagavad-Gita, by T. Subba Rao and Nobin K Bannerji, 1912, Adyar Pamphlets No. 17, Canadian Theosophical Association [pdf file]

Places of Pilgrimage in India, Originally published in Esoteric Writings of T. Subba Row by Tatva-Vivechaka Press, Bombay, 1895; latest edition by The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Chennai, 2002, CWL World [pdf file]

Places of Pilgrimage in India, Theosophist, 1885/1915, Adyar Pamphlets No. 58, Canadian Theosophical Association [pdf file]

The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, Theosophist, 1881/1913/1934, Adyar Pamphlets No. 31, Canadian Theosophical Association [pdf file]

About T. Subba Row

T. Subba Row (1856-1890), The Theosophical Society, Adyar

T. Subba Row (1856-1890): Biography, Writings, from 'T Subba Row Collected Writings', Vol. 1, xv-xxiv, 2001, by Henk J. Spierenburg, Exploring Theosophy (David Pratt)

V. Appa Row

The Will and the Plan in Science, Theosophist, 1931, Adyar Pamphlets No. 154, Canadian Theosophical Association [pdf file]

Charles J. Ryan

H. P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement. A Brief Historical Sketch, Second and revised edition 1975 (edited by Grace F. Knoche). (First edition 1937), The Theosophical University Press Online Edition. Review of this by W.T.S.Thackara: "Directing Toward the Sun", Sunrise 1975, Theosophy Northwest

What is Theosophy? A General View for Inquirers, 1930s and 1940s. Revised edition 1998, The Theosophical University Press Online Edition

Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?, 1936, Theosophical Forum, Blavatsky Study Center

Yoga and Yoga Discipline. A Theosophical Interpretation, 1930s and 1940s. Revised edition 1998, The Theosophical University Press Online Edition


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