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Gosford Group, NSW

The Theosophical Society in Australia

Location: Neighbourhood Centre, Pandala Road, Narara, NSW

Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of each month except January at 8.00pm to 10.00pm

For Information: please contact

Blavatsky Lodge of the Theosophical Society, Sydney   02 9267 6955
Adyar Lending Library (mail service), Sydney   02 9267 6807
Secretary:   Roni Ostergaard   02 4358 1413
Co-ordinator:   Marianne Fraser   02 4339 7118
Assistant Co-ordinator:   Vivien Wareing   02 4325 7434

Meetings Programme 2018

Date Presenter Details
February 13
Dr. Ian Ellis Jones

Title of Talk: "Sacred Symbols and sacred numbers"

This talk will canvass the spiritual and symbolical significance of numbers and symbols in sacred and mythological literature.
March 13
Peter Twohig

Title of talk: "Non Duality and the Loveliness of equanimity"

Non-duality is not twoness. As such it has nothing to do with unity consciousness,universal oneness, or being at one with the higher self. Also, it has nothing to do with spiritual enlightenment. That said, what it means for the individual human is the opportunity to experience awakening: to one's true nature, to the devastating truth about one's life,and to the wonderful gift of freedom from suffering. The good news is that you are already Self-aware: you may not yet realise it. There is nothing to do. You don't even have to be a seeker. Just turn up and experience pure awareness.
April 10
Isolde Sultemeyer Title of Talk: "Ahimsa - A chain of inspiration"
May 8

DVD by Pablo Sender

Title: "Our Mission in Life"

June 12
Linda Oliviera Title of Talk: "Discovering the Diamond. Inner disarmament"
Martin Luther King said. "The choice is not between violence and non violence but between non violence and non existence". If this is true then non violence is a choiceless choice for our survival into the future. How does violence manifest? What does inner disarmament involve? And what is the diamond to be discovered?
July 10

Steve Broadbent

Title of talk: GAIA
August 14
Diane Kynaston Title of talk: "Good reasons to be a vegetarian"
September 11

Pamela de Lacy

Title of talk: Quantum Leaps

Imagine trying to reach a goal in a rowing boat on a fast-moving river. If we don't resonate with the goal it is like rowing upstream. But when we resonate with the goal it is like rowing downstream, and we will reach our goal easily and joyfully. Resonance Repatterning helps to uncover the unconscious thoughts that may be holding us back and lets one access specific healing modalities to heal the blockages. Pamela has had 20 years as an RR practitioner.
October 9
Keith Howes The air is humming and something great is coming.
The Theosophy of West Side Story.
Sixty years ago, a musical meteor exploded onto the Australian stage. Its mix of propulsive sound and electrifying dance combined with contemporary social issues and a modern Romeo and Juliet story left audiences stunned and energised.

Keith Howes draws togetherthe creative and metaphysical strands woven into this enduring work of universal truth.
November 13

Suzanne May

Title of talk: From the edge of time
December 11
Annual General Meeting then a DVD DVD: Parallel Universes
Followed by a Christmas party.