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Lodge Programme 2018

Public Programme

Our Lodge hosts Public Presentations every second Friday of each month excluding Public Holidays.

Suggested entry is by gold coins donation.

Occasionally we hold Public Classes and Seminars. Check here for details.

Date Time Presenter Details
Friday 13 July 7.30 pm Dianne Kynaston

"Women of Spiritual Integrity"

This talk will explore a number of women who have attained a higher spiritual status in a number of different traditions. Some of these women have become spiritual teachers, have attained certain levels of enlightenment or appear as a feminine aspect of a higher state of consciousness.

Friday 8 June 7.30 pm Brian Parry

"So, You Want to Meet a Mahatma?'

An exploration of the concept of a Mahatma or Holy One, our expectations of such encounters and the Reality of such events.

Friday 11 May 7.30 pm Pedro Oliveira

"Understanding Negative Emotions"

We all know how unsettling and painful it is to be under the sway of negative emotions. they can destroy relationships and create havoc in society. This presentation will enquire into the very nature of fear, anger, jealousy, suspicion and pride, among other states, and point to the steadiness of mind which negativity of any sort cannot touch.

Friday 13 April 7.30 pm Therese Woods

"The Runes - Consulting this Oracle for deep inner knowing and divine guidance in our lives"

Friday 9 March 2018 7.30 pm Tony Buzek

The Universe in a Nutshell


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Public Meetings

Morrison Room
29 Highfield Street
Mayfied NSW 2304

7.30pm 2nd Fridays

Contact Email: gnlodgetheos@gmail.com